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    Micrososft Windows10 launch

    Task: The new Windows 10 arrived so we had to make sure to maximize the number of downloads. In addition to this we had to prevent that the media publishes negative reviews of the new op system.

    Solution: We created the Windows „Influencer” program! This unique program in Hungary lasted for 2 months, during which we involved all the key media stakeholders and opinion leaders as partners. The Influencer group consisted of journalists, bloggers and Youtubers.

    The phases of the program were:
    1. Start: we invited the group to an innovative press invent to an „Escape Room”, where they had to find out by themselves the time of the launch! The participants had the opportunity to try out new features in the upcoming period, until the official launch.
    3. Launch party: We created a special smartphone app and invited the group for a walk in the city- the app showed us to different places and showed a new feature at each stop. At the end of the walk we had a huge party together with facebook fans.

    Results: Over 100 media appearences, all influencers shared the information on their own channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter



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